WHEN BLUE MET EGG by Lindsay Ward


Blue is a Central Park birdie who makes a new friend when a rogue snowball lands in her nest. Blue thinks her pal Egg is, well… an egg. And is determined to find Egg’s mother. The two traverse Manhattan on an adventure that will take them from the Empire State Building to the Opera. (And how do a little bird and a snowball get uptown? The same way anybody does - on the subway, of course!)

WHEN BLUE MET EGG is so sweet, it is sure to appeal to lots of kids, particularly city dwellers (or those suburbanites who WISH they were!). Lindsay Ward’s darling collage illustrations cleverly incorporate found paper, everything from crossword puzzles to scantron tests, to make up the city skyline and snowy hills of the park. This story of friendship is simple enough for the littlest ones, but will hold up for re-reads. LOVE IT! <3

Full disclosure - Lindsay is repped by one of my colleagues. But I hadn’t read the book till it came into the bookstore. :-)